September 23


Do you want Rangers talk? Now you’ve got it via NYRangerscast, part of the New York Sportscast Network - it’s all you need to know about YOUR team, the 4-time NHL champs. NYRangerscast hosts will be there for all the highs and lows along the way, broadcasting two shows weekly giving die-hard fans a chance to voice their thoughts and concerns to a wide listening audience and two guys that know the Rangers inside and out. The high-quality mp3 podcasts will be available on iTunes so every Rangers fan can listen while they’re on their commute or working out at the gym.

It will be a hot spot for all the latest topics surrounding the ‘classiest team in hockey.’ So don’t be stuck listening to talk about any other team on the radio. If it’s nothing but Rangers you crave 24 hours a day, then look no further than NYRangerscast.

About Eric Rothman

Eric realized at an early age that playing a sport on ice was not his forte. Born in Far Rockaway, New York, Eric grew up with New York sports engrained into his head. Eric has been a globe trotter of sorts in his short life. After only spending a couple years in New York he has jumped around from New Jersey to Iowa and now to his current residence in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Wherever Eric has gone, his love for New York sports has stayed with him. The Rangers are relatively new to Eric’s sports repertoire, partly because he’s never lived in a hockey town. But after attending a game at the Garden his sports spectrum has been bombarded with non-stop Rangers action.

The self-proclaimed jokester of the NYRangerscast keeps Steve on his toes and the mood of the show light. He is currently attending Syracuse University, where he hopes to make sportstalk radio his living.