October 4

The End of an Era…Again

In 2008, I thought I had seen the last of Sean Avery in a Rangers uniform.

Three years later, I know I have seen the last of Avery in a Rangers uniform.

The Instigator was placed on waivers today as the Blueshirts continue to cut down to their final roster. Avery had clearly fallen out of favor with the coaching staff during the course of last season. His production on the ice didn’t help his cause much. He managed just 24 pts last season, with only 3 goals.

Avery was never a superstar, but there was just something about him that made fans take notice. Obviously there were the verbal arguments and the fisticuffs, but it was more than that. Fans always had the “What is he going to do next?” feeling while watching Avery. If he was on your team, you loved him. If he wasn’t, than you just didn’t understand. When motivated, Avery was the spark the Rangers needed.

His career as a Ranger can be summed up as unconventional. I remember sitting in The Garden watching him stand in front of Marty Brodeur during a Rangers playoff game in 2008. As he completely ignored the play behind him, he focused solely on obstructing Marty’s vision. I remember thinking to myself, no one on earth would ever have the stones to do this except Avery.

It was an interesting run. Sad to see it come to an end.

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